How to Register a Domain

This assumes you just want to register a domain. If you will like to register a domain and also Host the domain with SKANNET, please jump to XXX


  1. navigate to and choose Domains and Hosting

  2. Choose Register Domain from the options box

  3. Type in the name of the domain in the box, and choose the domain extension (eg, ng , .com or whatever)

  4. Click on “Check Availability”

  5. If the domain is not available, go back to 3 and re-enter a domain name that will be rechecked

  6. If the domain is available, choose the period you want, from 1 to 5 years. Then click on “Continue” Longer period attract better discount and also secure your name better.

  7. If you have your own Name Servers, choose “Custom name Servers” and enter your DNS Servers, otherwise, accept the default. Click Continue to proceed

  8. Enter your details if prompted, otherwise accept the suggested details to be used for the Domain to be registered.

  9. Select the Contact you want to use for the domain. You may enter a contact's detail or use the suggested contact.

  10. For payment method, we suggest you use Interswitch so that you can pay with your debit card and have the domain activated immediately. Customers who however have paid to the bank or have money on their account can choose Bank Account deposit/Transfer.

  11. Enter any other additional information including payment plan, if you are a long-standing customer reseller or affiliate.

  12. Click on “Complete Order”. An invoice will be generated.

  13. Depending on your chosen payment option, you will be taken to the payment gateway to pay the invoice. Once paid, your domain will be registered automatically.


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