How to change the DNS servers of your registered Domain

Whereas SKANNET may be your registrar, SKANNET may or may not provide DNS services to you. For your domain to be registered, we probably specified the SKANNET default servers, which are and  If you want to change these servers to your own name servers, please follow the steps below.

  1. Go to and choose Manage Services 

  2. Click on Client Area

  3. Login with your email address and password

  4. Click on My Domains

  5. For the domain whose DNS you want to change, Click on the corresponding View Details

  6. Scroll down to the Name Servers Sections, and make the necessary changes in the text boxes.

  7. We recommend you also click on Registrar lock at this point

  8. Click on save to commit the changes.

  9. Log out, if you do not want to make any other changes

Apart from hosting your website, SKANNET provides DNS services for FREE.  DNS services is necessary, if you want to have and control other subdomains of your name. For example, if you registered the name and you want to have hosts like, etc, then you need the DNS Service. To activate this service, Follow the instructions at this link


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